The Story of Our Rebrand

A New Look for all Assetz Companies


Our History

Founded in 1999 by CEO Stuart Law, Assetz is a group of successful and well-known property and financial services companies bringing high-quality opportunities to the private investor.

The group has now grown to become a source of investment products and knowledge for all types of clients with varying budgets - from first-time to High Net Worth investors. Over the years we have helped new and seasoned investors take advantage of current market conditions with investments that have provided very positives returns and outcomes.

Through Assetz for Investors (now Assetz Property) we have provided buy-to-let investment solutions and helped investors design balanced properties portfolios using the award-winning MyPortfolio software. With Assetz Capital we have brought private investors together with small and medium sized businesses, property developers and organisations looking for a loan to help to finance their projects. By cutting out the banks, Assetz Capital has provided fairer deals for investors and borrowers alike.



What Growth Means to Assetz

Assetz has always been focused entirely on empowering you to achieve your wealth goals. To do so we have organically expanded our our group of companies over the years to be able to provide a service that helps and guides you from day one, specific to your personal financial and investment needs.

Since the day it was founded, Assetz PLC has embraced the necessities of our clients and the requirements dictated by the changing market: this is why Assetz Property, Assetz Finance and Assetz Capital were created and expanded over the years.

2016 marks an important milestone for Assetz, as we now are re-introducing ourselves to you as a leading, modern group of interconnected companies, supported by our 17-year experience and ready to look forward and prosper together with you and all of our clients.



The mark is an abstract representation of a tree - one of the most recognisable symbols of growth.


The mark retains its 'block', meaning it still synonymous and familiar with the current Assetz square.


The branch lines of the tree form a connection, representing the different Assetz companies under the Assetz PLC banner.


Our New Logo

By changing our brand look, we wanted to display to our clients what our most important values as a group of companies are.

In our new logo, we have decided to use an abstract illustration of a tree - to represent our constant growth and how we strive to achieve the best for our clients. With it, we have incorporated a block frame, synonymous and familiar with the previous Assetz square logo design.

Last but not least, we want to draw attention to the branch lines of the tree: they form a connection, representing the different Assetz companies under the Assetz PLC banner. It also represents a network, showing that we are a digital facing company with different stakeholders coming together and using our platforms to grow.

The group of companies


Assetz For Investors: A New Name

The former Assetz for Investors is now officially re-named Assetz Property.

The company has grown exponentially over the last few years, and we now offer a full property investment service: from providing exclusive access to property that isn't available elsewhere, guidance through the buying, financing and completion process, to assisting clients with property management and letting services via our recommended affiliates.


Stuart Law

"I founded the Assetz group of companies in 1999 to create a market-leading source for carefully selected property and financial investments and education required by you, today's investor.

Nearly 20 years later I have seen the companies within the group going from strength to strength, now entering the future with clear ideas on how to provide an even better service for investors. Whether it is the tangible bricks and mortar of a buy-to-let investment, or the interest payments received from a cash investment, our companies will be able to find the best solution for your financial needs."

Jan Bancroft

"I am proud to say that Assetz Property is a fantastic source of investment products and knowledge for all types of investors with varying budgets, whether new to investment or established investors looking for boutique, bulk investments or joint ventures opportunities.

Assetz provides a full range of products, services and support to assist clients, developers and property agents' investment needs. There is no opportunity we wouldn't consider, and our track record as Assetz Property guarantees the maximum security and reassurances for both clients and affiliates "

What's Changed?

You will see our new look on our websites, emails, letterheads, brochures and guides.

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